Aug 29, 2010

Watermelon Promotion {Texarkana, AR :I: Photographer}

2nd Annual Watermelon Shoot! This was a success last year and an even bigger one this year! Thank you to all my parents who allowed their precious babies to be apart of this! I started by having the first promo and it went great! Then I had many who were requesting it again either because they weren't sure about it, couldn't make that date, or didn't know about it and had friends that did it! So, the second one took place. I edited watermelon photos FOREVER it seemed! LOL I truly enjoyed all of these little ones and hope to see you many more times! My next promo coming up will be the FALL/HALLOWEEN promo! Get your spots now! Oct 1-3!

Aug 25, 2010

Trent & KK {Gulf Shores, AL :I: Photographer)

Our family traveled to Gulf Shore's for vacation this summer. It was gorgeous with the weather staying in the 80's mostly! We stayes very busy every day except for the day that I decided to take my kids pics OR that is what I thought! This was the morning we were going to do nothing all day. My friend Shannon calls that morning and says, "BTW is you guys have went to the Aviation Museum it's FREE. Free was sounding good at this point after the waterpark, restraunts, souvenir shops, etc had taken lots of money! So, I told David, run to the store and grab M&M's to bribe KK for pics because it's supposed to rain the next day. being the wonderful husband he is he goes and gets them while I am getting the kids ready. Before we go any further, Let's remember david kept the condo at like 65 (COLD). We head outside and get to the bridge and the camera keeps getting cloudy from it being so cold in the air conditioner inside and it was humid outdoors! So we walk all the way back to the condo (not that far) and I cover my camera with a towel and let it sit out doors until it reached the same temp as outside. So, here we go again. Take two and we are on the bridge. KK's whining, Trent is doing great and trying to comfort her-very cute. Dave had candy duty. He can make Kynleigh smile on a dime! So, we start our shoot. Get some good ones, then Trent takes KK's hand and walks toward the water. They were having a good time then here comes the wave, totally knocks Kynleigh into the water! Needless to say that was a short photoshoot! :) Then off the the meseum we went!

Jan 29, 2010

Nikki's Bridal Session

This was a great and quick bridal session. We knew right where we were going and it didn't take long. This was a busy weekend so we had to move quickly! Nikki is a very photogenic bride! Her bridals are some of my favorites!

The Sanford Wedding

This wedding was gorgeous and I was so proud to be involved with it! This wedding was white and black. She used a hint of damask print and hundreds (literally) of white candles! The church was beautiful with stained glass windows and the reception was at the civic center. Friday morning I took Nikki's bridal pictures. In her family, there is a house down by the river that we used for some of her bridal pics! It was full of antiques! Beautiful house! After the bridal pics, I went to the civic center and helped set up. I was given the lovely job of hot gluing! I have burns to prove it! By that night the place was gorgeous! Iron pieces centered every table with a different picture of the couples engagement session on them! 8 votives on each table. The fire place mantel was covered in several different size white candles! The center stage was set up for the wedding party. The tables alternated white table cloths and damask print cloths. Here are a few shots of the wedding party shots. Detailed photos will be later when I finish editing the wedding!

Jan 7, 2010


Back in October I had the chance to go to Alabama. I was able to see family I don't get to see often enough! My cousin Amelia had called me before and asked if I would want to take pictures her daughters wedding. Naturally I said yes! This wedding is going to be gorgeous! She is absolutely gorgeous and has natural red hair most people to try pay to have! Her wedding is January 23 of this year. I will be heading down to Alabama on the 17th to help my other cousin Kim prepare for wedding events! During this time we will take her Bridal Portraits too! This is semi a vacation because I will NOT have children with me! Here are some of the engagement pictures that we did while I was there...Bridals and Wedding to come soon!